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Cosmic Kids



Cosmic Kids

I wanted to create a space where my passions - fashion, photography and thoughtfulness - could coincide. That is where my project “VINTAGE THAT FITS” came to life. During the three years I aimed for premium pre-loved clothes without compromise - timeless curated & redesigned pieces to match my highest standards. Highest standards when it comes to material, fit, style, origin and manufacturing.

Phase one - vintage treasures hunting. Driving and exploring suburbs of towns with not so great reputation. Eating in my favourite chain indian restaurants. Having fun and lots of luck. Being desperate, being patient, being successful.

Phase two - preparing the collection. Spending long days doing the laundry, handwashing mostly. Call that dedication. Redesigning and renovating some items to meet my quality and style standards. Last but not least, trying everything on following with saying goodbye. 

Phase three - the photoshoot. Starting early in the morning with styling and capturing over 50 outfits. Experiencing exhaustion beaten with happiness. That worked out. 

Phase four - dropping the collection. Naming each item after your personal experience or feeling. Making it effortless. Creating a real hype with the limited number of pieces on social media. Dropping it. 

Phase five - doing it all over again.